Security Alert: Beware of attempts to steal your KansasNet password.

Periodically KansasNet Customers receive a fraudulent email message, saying that their web mail account would be deleted unless they replied with their username and password.

These messages are fake, an attempt to trick people into revealing their password.

KansasNet will never ask you to send your password in an email message. These days, with fraud and identity theft such a widespread problem, no reputable institution will request such information in email.

What to do if you replied

If you replied to this message and provided your KansasNet password, or if you ever have any reason to believe your password has been stolen, change it immediately at our User Tools management website:

If you are ever suspicious about a message you can email our
support team at or call us at
We will be happy to address
any concerns or issues you may have.

Thank You

KansasNet Support Team